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On Friday we had another installment of the Azrieli Mall Orienteering in Tel-Aviv. This started about 10 years ago when I was asked to map the five parking levels of the mall, and then Pavel Levitsky added three shopping levels, so now we have a map with 8 levels of orienteering.
The course included 30 controls, 15 levels of climbing, and of course there is no GPS track. My map is here (the level numbers are in light blue – they are more obvious on the printed map, but I heard some complaints). I ran quite early, but I was still dodging shoppers all the time, and I finished in 35:38. As a matter of principle I didn't use the elevators, though it was allowed, and I didn't try any of the small internal stairways because you can never know if you can get out at the next level. I made a couple of small mistakes (one was running up a level instead of down), but it was great fun, and I got a silver medal for the 35-44 age group.
Someone's already written in our forum that they want an air-conditioned assembly area at all events! And the undergrowth was non-existent 🙂 But we probably had more non-orienteering spectators than at any other event here in Israel, and some were asking questions, so maybe there's a case for holding more such races, and mapping a few more malls.

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