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Or is it?
Technically I'll be able to run H45 next season. Meanwhile, I've started this season on the wrong foot, but it's not all my fault. The first national event was on Saturday at Ilaniya, but I had reserve army duty during the week before, causing a wonderful combination of no training, lousy food, and lack of sleep. I barely managed to get out of "fatigued" status before the race.
Luckily, the course setters were soft on us – instead of going up and down the slope several times, we ran all the way down, then all the way up, then down to the finish. I was enjoying myself until the climb started, and then I ran out of oxygen – my estimate is that I lost around 2 minutes because of fitness, that will be regained within a week. Another 3-4 minutes were lost with a stupid mistake at 3 and a bad map at 7, and I finished just over 5 minutes behind the leaders, in 4th place (58:16).
My route is here. The GPS track was zigzagging all over on the slope, so it's partly inaccurate.
In any case, it was a nice start to the serious part of the season – good weather, some rain the day before to soften the ground, and lots of orienteers in attendance. The best part was doing the kid's course (in other countries it's the "string" course, but we do it without the string) with Alon, who can by now (1 year + 5 months) identify controls from afar and covers terrain as well as my army Humvee.
Based on the results, I can aim for a top 3 placing this season, and then I'll think about the next one. H45 may be a little too short for me, but I'm getting older. We'll see.

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