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On Friday the first local event was held on the map of the Technion university, that I had finished more than a year ago. One of the things that I saw was that in sprint orienteering, the mapper's advantage is much greater than in forest maps – the detailed knowledge of the terrain and the map enabled me to avoid traps, take unobvious shortcuts, and make faster decisions. Two examples:

Control 2 – I knew instinctively that sprinting down the path at A would be faster than running down lots of stairs at B. I also knew that the only way down to the control was at C, and didn't have to look for it.

Control 3 (second part of the course) – there's no access to the control from A, but I didn't have to look closely at the map in order to check. The logical route seems to be from B, but I knew there was a tunnel at C, and used it. I'd be surprised if more than a handful of orienteers saw this, especially as the map printing wasn't as good as my sample below (which is from the original map file).

The race was fun, and the course very well planned – full of interesting route choices, but not too many nasty traps. I haven't seen the results yet, but I should probably be penalised 2-3 minutes for prior knowledge.

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  1. Finn writes:Contour lines are not visible over buildings, making the general view of contours more difficult to see. Perhaps it is picture quality thing.

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