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Last weekend we held a national team training camp in the south – on the edge of the Negev desert. All the maps we used were in 1:15,000 scale, because that's an option that we don't have available in most of the country, or in regular competitions, despite it still being the official scale for all long distance orienteering events around the world.
A few facts to note:

  • The maps we used were good, but old (Ruchama 1997, Yatir 1991, Yatir East 1999). There are very few changes to the terrain in these areas.
  • The last national event on a 1:15,000 map was in 2008.
  • The last map to be made in 1:15,000 was an update of Zippori in 2006. The last new area: Sansana (2001), also near the desert. I'm not counting MTBO maps and areas not suitable for national events.
  • There are only two active maps in 1:15,000 in the center and north of the country, that haven't become outdated or been remapped in 1:10,000 (Zippori and Kiryat Ata Forest).

As national team coach I would love to have more 1:15,000 maps for training, and I'm now looking around for 1:10,000 maps that can be re-scaled and cover enough area for long distance training. I understand why we're not making many 1:15,000 maps, as the orienteering and mapping standards have changed and there are few if any long distance events here (another problem), but I'd be happy to see a few more.
One of our training sessions in Ruchama

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