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Winter is upon us, and on Friday we had our first opportunity to orienteer in really wet conditions (though not yet cold). Luckily it was at Kfar Hahoresh, 15 minutes from home, so we didn't need too much logistics. My impression was that not many people came to the event, which is a pity because it was great fun.

The forest was really nice, the course was interesting, and there wasn't too much climb. I had a good run, but I lost 6 minutes at control 10, which I couldn't find because it was incorrectly placed (other orienteers confirmed this and pointed out where it was). I usually don't waste that much time when a control is missing, but the correct location, a distinct forest corner on the map, was very indistinct in the terrain, in a rocky and thorny area, so there was no way to easily verify that the control wasn't there. The actual location is marked with the blue arrow – it looks close, but apparently I was unlucky and no-one else found it by mistake while I was searching.

After that control I lost momentum and continued more slowly, but it was still a nice run. I'll probably be out on this map quite a bit during the coming year – it's planned to be the model terrain for EYOC 2013, and part of the map will have to be updated.

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