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I don't participate in many Score-O competitions (apart from Rogaines), and on Saturday I had an opportunity to run in an event at Tel Hadid – 60 minutes, with each control counted by the first digit and one point deducted for each minute returning late.
I wasn't planning on getting all the controls, so I started north towards the easy part, and after 15 minutes or so I decided that I would have enough time to circle the whole map and get to the high ranking points in the south-east as well. From that point I was running against the clock – my estimate was that I needed 10 minutes to return from 42 to the finish, and at 31 it was already obvious that I would be late, but not by much, so I carried on because obviously I would gain from taking both 51 and 52. In the end I finished just over 2 minutes late, with 67 points (after the deduction) out of a maximum of 80. According to my calculation, I ran a straight line course of 7.0 km, while the optimal route for collecting all the controls would be around 8.2 km – well within the capabilities of our elite orienteers.
The race was a very good physical training session – I think that I try harder when the clock is ticking, so even though the orienteering wasn't very difficult, I put in a lot of effort. The controls were nicely spread out, and the forest (after some rain) was beautiful. Let's have such conditions at all our events this year!

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