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On Friday we had a mini-rogaine – "only" 4 hours, on the first rogaine map of Alonim Forests, that we've already used twice for 8-hour rogaines. The advantage of a mini-rogaine is that everyone is on the same course, without being split into 4, 8, 12-hour groups. The disadvantage is that on a large map such as this one there's no chance of even getting close to taking all the controls, so planning is more difficult, and there's less spare time in case of mistakes.
Luckily it's right next to home, so we put Alon in day-care just as it opened and rushed to the event, arriving a few minutes before the maps were handed out. The controls were scattered all over, with most high-ranking ones well apart, and some clusters of low-ranking – the points value of each control was the last two digits of the number. We had decided beforehand to finish from the south, because otherwise there's a horrendous climb to the finish, and we stuck to that plan – going north at first and circling to the south-western points.
After a relatively problem-free run it started hurting around control 310, just before the long but moderate climb to the finish. Roni wanted to take control 107 along the way (it was clearly visible from the road above), and there was certainly enough time, but I felt that my legs were just at the edge and so we skipped it. In the end we were over 6 minutes early, 4th place overall, and 2nd by one point in the women's category, losing (as usual) to Noam and Naomi. Luckily Roni isn't too competitive, so she's not pissed off at me because of those 7 points. I am.
The map is below, without the eastern part. We covered 29.1 km with about 700m climb, and took 15 controls and 126 points out of a maximum of 39 and 268 – the overall winners got 138 points. My legs still hurt, but that's partly because Alon didn't let us rest properly for the rest of the weekend, and we were helping to organise a local event on Saturday.
One thing's sure – we won't lose to Noam and Naomi at the main rogaine in March, because they're organising. And we won't do the extreme 16-hour option either. We'll go for 8 or 12 hours, but there's some training to put in beforehand.

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