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Quote from the IOF competition rules:
The start
The start area should be so situated and organised that:
• there is a warm up area
waiting competitors cannot see route choices made by those who have started
The point from which orienteering on the first leg begins is marked in the terrain by a control flag with no marking device and on the map by a triangle.
The competitors should be faced with orienteering problems right from the start.

I've looked back at my maps of all of last season's national events, and there was only one of them in which I could not see the route choices taken by previous starters. The exception: day one of the Israeli Championship, planned by Oded Verbin, who is the national junior team coach – not a coincidence.

Yesterday we had a national event at Beit Keshet. On the way to the start I could stop for 5 minutes and look at the view, from the point marked with a square. I saw the starting directions for all the courses, and I also saw control no. 2 on my course – and I knew it was my control because I saw Roni punching it.
From the start itself you could also see where everyone was going, of course. After I finished I also discovered that the start had been positioned incorrectly, so that we were at the small triangle instead of the place marked on the map – at least 50m away, which is critical for our first control. I didn't notice, because I was aiming off and simply ran along the line of cliffs a bit more than expected. Roni took a direct bearing and lost over 4 minutes. I was also very fast to the second control…

Apart from that, my run was OK – I have the excuse of being sick most of the week for my poor result, but my orienteering was fine, with only a couple of small misses. Interestingly, I was faster than Roni on all the legs up to no. 7, and slower on all the rest – probably because it was very muddy, she has spiked shoes while I don't, and not having spikes slows you down much more when going downhill. My route is here.

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