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My last post about EYOC 2013 in Israel (being cancelled) caused quite a stir, judging both by the number of comments and by other feedback that we received. I think that it also helped to start a proper consultation between the EWG members and ourselves, so that now the cancellation is on hold – we have been requested to provide various assurances and more information regarding the safety of visitors to Israel, while at the same time other plans, such as the Event Advisor's visit here within a few weeks, are going ahead.
I am still working on the relay map of Shimshit, being delayed a bit by a very wet winter, while a team of Czech mappers were here last month and finished the fieldwork for the long distance map of Zippori. We'll soon be starting the course planning process, assuming that the final decision is that the event goes ahead as planned. There's still a lot of time until the end of October, but there's also a lot of work to do.

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  1. AnonymGösta writes:Bjud in några ledare från Norge Sverige Finland till 22-23 feb,kan de sjäva se hur bra det är, Lycka till.

  2. Finn writes:Why not, but I doubt that they are not against to arrange games in Israel. There have been visitors in Israel from all those countries lately so they know that it's ok arrangements coming…

  3. Anonymous writes:Do you not think that it would be dangerous for people to compete in Israel? Such a big competition would surely attract unwanted attention and could result in serious consequences to innocent people. Also, is it not likely that the IOF will have thought long and hard about their decision to hold EYOC (which, may I remind you, stands for EUROPEAN Youth Orienteering Championships, and last time I checked, Israel wasn't even in Europe!) in Israel and will have come to an adequately informed decisions as to whether it should still be there, because Israel is a bloody WAR ZONE! Israel has been in varying degrees of war since the 20th century, and I highly doubt the war on Terrorism to end in a matter of months! Perhaps the decision to rearrange EYOC in a European (!) country is not the worst idea in the world! Surely it's more about making sure the athletes are safe in doing what they love best, and not publicity?

  4. AnonymGösta writes:Hej,har du besökt Israel?

  5. Anonymous writes:Yes, I have.I would be more worried about to visit Hungary, Poland or Romania. Are you worried about wolves and bears in north-east Finland next summer? Or strong army groups behind the border to Russia?I am sure that security risks are higher but not that high what swiss are claiming.

  6. AnonymGösta writes:Hej då ses vi väl 22-23februari,eller?

  7. Anonymous writes:No, I'm worried about being blown up by the Taliban.

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