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Since I reached the magic age of 35 (9 years ago), I've almost always been the favourite in my age group – and even when not, like in my last year in H35, I could argue that there was no-one in Israel at my age who was better at orienteering and could beat me consistently.
Not any more. As I predicted last season, Nir Yasur is now the man to beat, and undeniably the best orienteer in Israel on our side of 44. He won this weekend's Winter Championship when I was at full fitness (no army duty or sickness excuses) and orienteering well, and he deserves it. I'd love a rematch at the Israeli Championships in February, but I'm the course planner for the second day…

The first day was at Neve Shalom – steep and tough forest, green in many places but not too slow. I had an almost perfect run and finished the 5.9 km course in 54:46 – second place and 70 seconds behind Nir.

The second day was just across the valley at Burma Road – steeper, tougher, and greener. The first part of the course, up to control 8, was a fight against the undergrowth all the way, and then it opened up and became a bit easier. I made two significant mistakes: 3 minutes lost when I started looking for control 3 too early, and another 3 minutes in a parallel error on the way to 5 – I veered about 45 degrees to the right and forgot to look at my compass. This time 5.8 km took 1:14:24, and over two days I finished third, behind Nir and Ofer Granet, who won the second day. Based on my previous results this season, getting on the podium was my goal, so I can't say that I'm disappointed.

Roni won D21A as usual, even though she's not training at all, but she has more competition this year because the best juniors are running this category as well. I still think the only way to beat her will be another pregnancy.
And to complete the family fortunes, Alon got on the podium as well, wrapped in the club flag:

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