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I'm still running too slowly. It's a combination of old age and lack of training (for which I have my reasons, the best of which are pictured below), but it's not doing anything good to my results.
Thanks to Amri Wandel for the picture
Saturday's national event at Massuah was fun – beautiful weather, great map, and a challenging course (though the last couple of controls weren't nice). I started early, and by control 6 I had passed all the earlier runners on my course and I was alone in the forest, which was even more fun. I finished the 6.6 km course in 72:50 and 5th place, which more or less represents my running ability today, with an average race – no big mistakes, but a few small ones.
Notable points:
1 – hidden behind a bush. I ran along the wall and missed it, and then saw it when returning from the wall junction.
2 – got hung up on too many fences and walls, and lost contact, but when I relocated I was right next to the control.
8 – the statistics (LapCombat) say this was my best leg, but I don't know why – I even stopped to drink. I think the route choice was good, there were no problems with the execution, and I attacked the control carefully (walking) so I didn't lose time – but I'm not such a fast runner.
9 – missing control (apparently misplaced), but the rock was very distinctive and there was a streamer with the number, so I didn't lose time.
10 – didn't aim well and went too low.
11 – control in the middle of nowhere. After a minute I gave up searching for a distinct vegetation boundary and started looking for the flag, so I found it.
14 – missed it by a few metres and relocated from the path below.
15 – got stuck in the green.
It's very difficult to get a clean run in this terrain, so I'm satisfied. All my rivals (except Sergey, who had a really good day and won) lost more or less the same amount of time on mistakes, but they're running faster than me. I'll still try to get into the top three in the rankings this season, but I'm currently fourth or fifth and time is running out…

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