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Saturday's national event at Be'eri was the highlight of this season so far – terrific terrain, beautiful weather, and a really challenging course. The map is situated on the edge of the desert, with an intricate web of erosion gullies needing full concentration all of the time.
I haven't raced here before (that's a fact, not an excuse), and I started badly, with minor misses on the first three controls. Then I lost concentration on the easy part before control 4, took a wrong turn in the gully, and lost 3+ minutes relocating. From that point onwards I took control and changed tactics – trying to take safe routes on the higher ground, and to approach the controls from the opposite ridge when possible (then you can see them from further away).
I lost concentration and a minute in the easy part on the way to 32, but otherwise the rest of my race was good and I finished the 7.7 km course in 72:36 and 4th place, which more or less reflects my running ability.
The map here is very accurate, but very difficult to read (even in 1:7500), especially when running. I think some creativeness with the contours, form lines and slope lines, and more erosion gully symbols, would have helped the readability – but that's easier said than done, of course.

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