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Vladimir Ioffe passed away in his sleep on Friday night. He was the oldest member of Galilee O-Club, and probably the most active one as well, turning up at every orienteering event, and running and cycling whenever he could. His death was totally unexpected, as even at the age of 75 he was a symbol of physical toughness, but unfortunately he may have exerted himself a little too much.
Vladimir immigrated from Russia to Israel in 1999, but he only discovered orienteering a few years later. He was cycling along the main road one day, when he saw the signs for one of our club's orienteering events, and lots of people running around, and decided to ask what it was all about. He could speak only Russian, but luckily there are many Russian speakers in the orienteering community and one of them gave him my phone number. He got his son Pavel to call me, I referred them to one of our veteran Russians who could explain everything, and we have never looked back.
Vladimir was always a leader in the H65, H70 and H75 age groups, and also competed abroad, including several WMOCs. He brought to orienteering his son Pavel and granddaughter Katrina, and together they have also taken part in planning and organising numerous events. He was always friendly and smiling, except when someone misplaced a control, and even though he knew very little Hebrew we somehow managed to communicate with him quite well.

Vladimir planned the courses for our local event next week, so we'll all be able to pay him tribute by running on "Vladimir's last course". We all hope we'll be able to carry on like he did to the age of 75, and wish he hadn't left us so suddenly.
Pavel, Katrina, Luba, Zhana – our thoughts are with you, and we'll never forget Vladimir.

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  1. Bernd Wollenberg writes:Mein aufrichtiges Beileid gilt dem Verlust eines Eurer interessantesten OL-Läufers in Israel. Gerade wegen seines Russisch sprechens konnte ich oft mit ihm kommunizieren – er wird in meinen gedanken weiter leben!

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