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At yesterday's national event I had a perfect run. Not my best ever, because my fitness is not at the level that I want it to be, and even not fast enough to win the race, but still a perfect run: no hesitations, no bad route choices, no contact lost, and every single control exactly where I expected it to be.
The fact that this is a good map of a fast and runnable area was helpful (HaMalachim Forest), and I really liked the course, even though it favoured the fast runners – a mix of route choices (even over some shorter legs) and tricky controls such as small depressions and single trees. The only thing I didn't like was the location of the water at the road crossing, which needed a detour of about 50m. Even though I'm not training as regularly as I should, I felt light on my legs and ran well, except for the steeper uphills. My route, 7.9 km in 60:12 (3rd place H40), is here.
Despite the good result, my competitive season is over – I'll finish 4th or 5th in the ranking, and the last national event in two weeks at Odem will be fun, as it's the first time I'll be able to run competitively on my map. On the day after that I'll turn 45, and start planning for the next season.

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  1. Terje Mathisen writes:Congratulations!Isn't that a great feeling, when every control just turns up exactly where it is supposed to be? :-)My first ever perfect run was exactly 20 years ago, at VĂ„rspretten in Halden. At that point I had been an orienteer for 25+ years and started in more than 1000 competitions up to that point."If at first you don't succeed, persevere!"

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