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Daniel Griff bought a headcam (GoPro) about a month ago and started posting videos of all his orienteering races here, using RGmapVideo to create the GPS tracks. I was planning a new headcam for my 45th birthday in any case, and my first similar video with the new Contour Roam2 is below:

I was running the last national event of our season last Friday, in Odem Forest – my first opportunity to run competitively on my map. Unfortunately I had been sick on the day before and was still feeling a bit weak, so I ran out of air on the way to control 2 and my pace was very slow. I finished the 7km course in 1:07:59.
I'm still not comfortable with the camera headband, and I'll try to get a better fit with my sweatband in the future (it caused problems in testing), but the video came out really well – one of the highlights is a wolf running across at about 12:40.
I'm planning on using the camera for coaching, mapping, my daughter's biking, secretly filming the toddler, and other stuff as well.

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