How do we measure WOC success?   1 comment

Our races at WOC 2013 start tomorrow, and before that I was wondering how to measure success. On paper, we have our strongest and most experienced team ever, so we should improve from past results, but how do we know? There are several options:
Qualification for a final: Only Pavel has ever qualified for a WOC final – 5 times. If he fails to qualify for at least one final this year it would count as a failure, while any qualification by one of the other two runners would count as an outstanding success.
Placing in qualification: In Israel we like to measure results by percentage of time behind the winner, but the spread of results varies according to the terrain, so this is not an accurate measure. In WOC, the placing is more reliable – the rules haven't changed for years, and the number of runners from the stronger countries is consistent.
Alexey has placed 16th once (2004 middle) and has a bunch of results from 24th place and onwards, so I would count anything under 25th place as a good result, and under 20th as great. Guy was 24th, 34th and 35th in 2011, and should be aiming for the same as Alexey after spending a lot of time in Finland.
World ranking points: This is quite a reliable measure of quality, judging by our past results. Pavel has a best of 1300 points in the WOC 2008 middle final, and a number of other results close to that, so he should be aiming for 1200 points or more. Alexey has achieved over 900 points several times, and will be looking to break the 1000 point barrier, and I will be happy with any result over 900 points for Guy.
Relay placing: Our best placing was 25th in WOC 2006. The goal is to improve on that.

Good luck to the men tomorrow – Alexey is opening up the forest at 09:30. I'll count the successes at the end of the week…

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  1. Ano-nymous writes:Hi Dan!Telling the 'world' about how you measure your runners failures before the races began is not such a good idea…Keep your thoughts inside and concentrate only of how to strength and encourage them.Don't forget – You are there for them – not for yourself.And by the way – they are there for them self and for their country, and not for you!Good luck for all of you!!!

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