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Today's sprint qualification was a race for the sprinters – more running than orienteering, and Alexey and Guy had no chance of making the final even though they both had good runs (27th and 26th place). Pavel is much faster, but he messed up by skipping control 15 (and returning to it), and was then disqualified for some sort of non-punch – we didn't try to complain, even though we know that he had been at all the controls, because the result was too slow anyway.
The terrain looked nice, very much like an Israeli Kibbutz, of which we have a lot – scattered small houses with paths, grass and hedges between them.
The opening ceremony and sprint final was a nice spectacle in the Sotkamo baseball stadium, but again I got the feeling that the race through the town involved more running than orienteering. Tomorrow we have the real stuff – Pavel starts first in the long distance final, while the others will go for some middle distance training and then join us in the arena.

Guy at the spectator control

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