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Boring, boring, boring. Everyones runs for a couple of hours, and then Thierry Georgiou and Simone Niggli win again.

Actually it wasn't that bad. The arena was well organised, with two big screens, and the commentating was good. The cameras in the forest showed very little orienteering – only control punching – but we can't complain because that's the usual standard. There was quite a bit of suspense over the second and third places, and my general impression was that results were less spread out than usual – maybe because the orienteering was a bit easy, as hinted by Thierry in his winning interview.
A tip for all WOC competitors, if you haven't noticed yet: if the Finnish crowd is really quiet when you're in the run-in, give it all you've got, because it means that you're threatening the placing of a Finnish competitor and that it's really close. I'm sure that the lack of encouragement cost Tatiana Ryabkina the fourth place, which she lost by a second to Minna Kauppi.
The organisers underestimated the winning times for both women (by 9 minutes) and men (10), which was not unexpected – they were asked about it at the team leaders' meeting and everyone suspected that their confidence was misplaced. From what I saw at the middle distance model event this morning, the winning times there are going to be slower as well, unless the competition area is much faster (and nicer).

Pavel started first, and finished second from last (44th). He was running at a good pace for the first half of the race, aiming at under 2 hours, but then slowed down due to blisters from his new shoes (we had no choice – it was either new shoes or run barefoot) and lost some time due to mistakes as well. I hoped that with the speed (ignoring mistakes) that he showed in qualification he could get a top 30 place, but there was no chance. He'll be good for the middle and relay.
Here's a short video of him passing the spectator control (thanks to Yakir).

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