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Today was the rest day at WOC, so it is a good opportunity to summarise our week until now. The long distance (stamina) and sprint (sprinting) are behind us, and the middle and relay (fine orienteering) are ahead.
Out of six starts, I would say that two results (Alexey and Guy in long) exceeded expectations, three were on par (Alexey and Guy in the sprint, Pavel long), and one was a failure (Pavel's sprint). That's not bad, considering our history of below-par results, and I would be happy with a similar outcome in the second part of the championship.
I haven't done any exact statistics, but I think that we tend to get better results in middle distance, because our orienteers are more technical than physical and therefore at less of a disadvantage in typical middle distance terrain (which is also the relay terrain this year). They have trained in the model terrain and are quite comfortable with it, so I am hoping for good results tomorrow.
Below is a sample video from the middle/relay model event – I'm running very slowly, so you can see the type of forest the runners will be negotiating.

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