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I have issues with the WOC mapping. I can't really complain, because technically the maps are exactly according to IOF specifications, but I think the representation of open areas and forest is misleading.
Below is a sample video from the open race on Monday, and the relevant map section. You can clearly see that there are areas marked as forest, that have only scattered saplings, barely 1-1.5m high, and 100% visibility above them (the best example is on the route from 9 to 10). There are also very similar areas marked as semi-open. As far as I know, there were several mistakes caused by this mapping in the long qualification race, and it messed up my open race quite a bit (I would probably have run faster with a contour-only map). I can also note that we noticed no similar terrain in the model map.
Officially the map is correct – the IOF symbol for rough open land (403) states: "Heath, moorland, felled areas, newly planted areas (trees lower than ca. 1m) or other generally open land with rough ground vegetation, heather or tall grass", so anything with trees above 1m can be classified as forest. I would map many of these areas as semi-open and not forest.

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