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So we've got another final – but it's Pavel again, with 11th place in a very close qualification heat (his route is here). Alexey (27th) and Guy (26th) both made significant mistakes on their courses, losing several minutes, but in both cases even without those mistakes they would have jumped only to the head of a group of "slower" orienteers, around 20th place and outside the final. Their speed in this terrain is obviously still not fast enough.
In any case, it hasn't been a bad championship, and we're improving. The following graph shows the placings of all Israeli runners in qualifying since 2003, with Pavel separated:
I hope Pavel can get a good result in the final – around 30th is expected, but maybe he can surprise us. His best ever placing is 21st, in the 2007 long final. And then there's the relay…

Alexey finishing

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  1. Anonymous writes:The chart would probabley be more relevant when compared to the number of competitors per qualification course. The current world championship had the least amount of competitors, making it easier to get a better placing (since 30th place would mean last place).

  2. Yes – but the ones that drop out (or are added) are the weakest nations, so it doesn't really change the top 30 places.

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