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After Pavel finished 42nd in the middle distance final (nothing to blog about), we were left with the relay as a last opportunity to do something special. Theoretically there was no chance, with most of the teams much stronger than us even on our best day, but in a relay strange things can happen… or not.
Our best ever placing was 25th in 2006, and I was hoping to improve on that. We were counting on Pavel to finish close to the leaders after the first leg, as he has done several times in the past, but he lost the pack at the second control and came in 14 minutes behind, in 28th place, which Guy and Alexey managed to retain till the end with two very solid runs in steep and technical terrain (Alexey's route is here – forking BXBO). Taking off 10 minutes or so for Pavel would have brought us up to 25th place, not better, so we still have work to do.
The team fulfilled their side of a bet, to jump naked into the lake if they finish below 25th, and now they're at the banquet (I have to drive them to Helsinki tomorrow). I'll summarise the championship when I get back home.

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  1. Anonymous writes:Dosen't the team coach should jump naked to the lake???Good and better luck next time!!!

  2. Obviously there was another side of the bet, and I would have fulfilled it.

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