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As promised at the beginning of the championship, I'm going to count our successes, and then we'll see where we go from here:
Qualification for a final: More or less as expected – two finals for Pavel, and none for the others. However, the results in the finals weren't good.
Placing in qualification: Alexey and Guy had great results in the long qualification, but average ones in the other two races. In 8 starts, there were no catastrophes for either of them, which is a good sign of maturity.
World Ranking points: Pavel got his usual bunch of results between 1000 and 1200 points, but was unable to rise above that. Alexey failed to break the 1000 point barrier, but was stable above 850, and Guy got a career best of 961 points and two results in the 700-800 range. Not great, but definitely good.
Relay: We failed to get 25th place, but the performance was solid and not too far from that.
Summary: 3 above par results (Long Q Guy and Alexey, Middle Q Pavel), 3 below par (Middle F, Sprint Q and Relay Pavel), and all the rest as expected. More consistent than we usually get, and it should be noted that Pavel is a level above all other Israeli orienteers, so even a below-par result from him, as in the relay, is usually better than they can achieve.

What happens next? WOC 2014 is a totally different project, with only one place for us in the middle and long finals according to the new system. We didn't have a chance of getting into the top 22 teams, as we didn't participate in 2012, but it should be noted that we are ranked 25th in 2013 (for men, of course) – that means 3rd among the bottom level (Division 3) nations, and with two nations being promoted each year, and two years being counted, good results in Italy can definitely raise us up to Division 2, and two runners in each final. It's worth making the effort.

Regarding the other races – sprint and sprint relay – I don't really care. I'm a forest orienteer and coach, and I believe that the real heart of orienteering is in the hills and forests. I also think we have a better chance there, because running and orienteering in terrain levels the physical playing field a bit. We'll wait and see what the plans for next year look like.

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