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I haven't blogged for 3 months, initially because there was nothing to write about, but lately because I was lazy. Now it's time to make up for it.
I've had an interesting summer. I was laid off from my job (though with 2 months notice) on the day I returned from WOC, and I'm still looking for something new, so I'm now unemployed. I'm getting lots of severance pay and making some money from mapping and teaching Microsoft BI, so I intend to be patient and find a good place to work. Meanwhile, I have lots of spare time for orienteering.
At the same time, I've had some medical problem, which is as yet undiagnosed but seems to be almost over (I'm still having tests to find out what it was). Most of the time I was feeling well but suffering from diarrhea, which caused me to lose about 6 kg of weight. Combine that with lots of time for training, and I'm now as fit as I've been in the last 5 years (at least).
At the moment I'm enjoying life. I spend my time job-hunting, mapping, running, orienteering, being with my children, working in the house and garden, and even shopping (on a small budget). I'll post updates on all the orienteering stuff over the next few days.

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