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With lots of time on my hands, I've done more mapping work over the past month than in the preceding year, and there's more to come.
I finished the map of Shimshit, which was originally planned for EYOC 2013 (cancelled and then awarded to Portugal), and it will be used for a national event next month. The last stretch was the ugliest part of the terrain – a combination of oak woods, semi-open and thorns, with very few point features and lots of stony ground. Working with Lidar data was a new experience, but mapping is still the same: 90% decision-making and 10% measurement. The map will only appear here after the first event there, of course.
Now I'm already making progress on a new map of Elyakim, also with Lidar base materials. The area was originally mapped in 1994 by Christian Froyd from Norway, and desperately needs an update – it's a very interesting mix of pine forest, olive groves, cactus patches, ruins, ancient burial caves, rocks, and some other stuff. I'm thoroughly enjoying my outings in the terrain – there are lots of details and the weather is nice at this time of year. Below is a sample of the base material for part of the map: Lidar contours, vegatation, ground relief, and aerial photograph.

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