What comes after H40?   1 comment

H35, of course…

At the end of last season, after 5 years competing in H40, I was undecided on whether I would stay in the category this season or drop down to H45. Now the season is upon us, with the first national event on Saturday, and I've decided that I feel fit enough to run H35 competitively – at least in this race.
My logic is that if I can run the course fast, then why not enjoy as much orienteering as possible? I have no interest in the overall ranking, and if I want to win a championship I can go back to H40 or H45 at will, but meanwhile I want to get the most out of my races. When I get back to a full-time job my fitness will probably go downhill very quickly, but we're not there yet.
I should probably finish in the top 5 or so, and my nemesis Nir Yasur, who is my age and also running H35 this season, is the course planner for this race so he's out. It depends also on how many H35's are running the H21A category, even though it's the same course – if Daniel Griff decides to compete at his age then we're all toast!

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  1. Moty Schor writes:Well done Dan !Result in the first event was very good !

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