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Today’s national event was at Zippori.

Some history: The first orienteering map of Zippori was made in 1993 by Agnar Renolen of Norway, and covered over 15km2 with two maps (north and south). The northern map was updated (not re-mapped) by Uzi Schweizer and myself in 2006, and re-mapped last year by a team of Czech mappers for the cancelled EYOC 2013. Today we ran on part of the new map – ironically, our EYOC was supposed to be this weekend (the replacement event was in Portugal a week ago).

I ran H35, as planned. I know the terrain very well, so I probably had a slight advantage, but most of the other orienteers have also raced here several times. I felt very good physically, ran fast (compared to myself), and could have gone on for a while at the end. The orienteering was not too difficult – the course was good, but I thought that some of the controls were a bit too easy. I had a lapse in concentration for a while in the middle of the course (9-11), but otherwise no significant mistakes, and finished 4th in H35 with 61:23 over 7.5km.

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  1. Anonymous writes:When the map is very good, and the terrain is very simple – the course is easy…

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