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Yesterday’s national event at Shimshit was a one-man show: I made the map, I planned the courses, and I placed the controls. Obviously that’s not how it’s supposed to be done, but I always try to plan the first event on my new maps, so as not to ruin the experience for any other orienteers, and this time the area was small enough so I didn’t need any help with the controls.

The event itself was great – we had good weather, lots of competitors (almost 500?), and no problems in the forest (from the organising point of view – some orienteers had lots of problems). I got some good feedback on my mapping, and after a year of work I’m really happy that this project was successful.

I’ve had complaints from my club members about this system, because they don’t get to plan national events – we usually organise only one a year, and if I finish a new map every year then I’m always the course planner. I’ve already decided that next season I’ll let another club organise on my new map of Elyakim, while I act as controller, and a team from my club will plan a national event on one of the existing maps in our area.

Below is the map of Shimshit, with the 7 main courses overlaid in different colours.


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  1. You used so few controls – only 38 overall! Might be a record in compactness…
    The area is relatively small, and felt a bit crowded, in a happy sort of way. I was totally alone in only 4 controls out of 24 (7, 8, 17, 18). Why didn’t you place more controls on the south-western part?

  2. It’s nowhere near the record – and there were 50 controls (the short courses aren’t on this map). I probably should have added a few, but not more than 4-5. Note that the mistake ratios for the race are much higher than usual.
    The south-west has very few point features and is less interesting, so I decided to concentrate on the east for the medium and short courses, and send only the long and medium+ over there.

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