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Saturday’s local event was at Elyakim – the forest that I’ve been re-mapping for the past month or so. The course was on the old map (1994), of course, but I’ve already finished 80% of the area (which is 2/3 of the controls) and I recognised every one of the features that were used, so I had little orienteering to do. It was good running training and I ran with my headcam so I can prepare a “trailer” video for the new map.

Omer Noiman, who planned the courses, selected very solid control points that were easy to find using the features that hadn’t changed over the past 19 years. An interesting point is that I heard that lots of orienteers had problems with control no. 2 – by comparing with the new map I can say with confidence that the pit is drawn 20-30m north of it’s actual location. There wasn’t a LIDAR base map back then!

2013-11-30 Elyakim route

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