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Today was the first day of the Winter Championship, postponed by two weeks because the original weekend was too… wintry.

I ran H35, and physically I felt very strong and kept pushing till the end (the course was 8km with 370m climb, 1:20:33), but my orienteering was rusty and a big miss at control 2 ruined my result, though there were other small mistakes. We had to rush home to pick up Alon from daycare, so I don’t know what place I finished.

The terrain at Neot Kedumim hasn’t been used for a long time, and a new LIDAR map was produced for this event. In my opinion the area is more suitable for sprint races, and today’s course on a 1:7500 map was a hybrid – not really sprint, and not really terrain orienteering. That has nothing to do with my result, of course.

Obviously part of the problem is that I don’t get to do any training with a map at competitive speed, but that’s how it is when working 5 days a week and dividing the weekends between the children, mapping, organising events, and competition. I’m managing to retain my high level of fitness despite the long days at work, and I’m happy with that.

Tomorrow is at Burma Road – a real forest, at 1:10,000, and I’ll try to do better.


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