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The map of Saturday’s national event has an untranslateable name in Hebrew, so I’ll call it “Sumak ruins”, after the well-known ruins in the south-west corner (control 10).

We usually have only one or two brand new areas for national events each season – all the others are on old or re-mapped areas – and this is the only one this season. The map looks intimidating at first, but although the terrain is very rocky it’s not bad at all. Now that we’re in the LIDAR age, such areas can be mapped very accurately, and Uzi Schweizer did a great job, though I would have classified the vegetation very differently – in my opinion most of the two lighter shades of green is white.

I finished second in H35 again, finishing the 7500m course (with 315m climb) in 1:21:30. I missed only one control, searching for no. 12 for a couple of minutes. I started slowly in order to get a feel for the terrain, and then speeded up a bit on the way to 2, but decided that the ground is too uneven for fast running and kept to a safer pace for the rest of the course. I felt as fit as ever (after jogging 13 km on Friday to mark controls for the Rogaine) and if I can stay like this I’ll be running H35 till the end of the season.

Control 11 was blatantly unfair. It’s marked as a pit, but is inside a large rock outcropping and should have been mapped as such. If you were lucky you saw someone climbing out of it, and if not you could search for a long time. I was lucky, but I wouldn’t have lost much time anyway, as I knew exactly where I was. You can see it clearly in Daniel Griff’s headcam video of the course at 0:45:30.

There’s a really good picture of Roni finishing here. 17 weeks and counting, 3rd in D21C. This time she won’t be orienteering in the 39th week, but only because the season ends a few weeks earlier.

20140104 Route

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