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Last weekend I took a break from orienteering and took Ayala for a birthday trip to the Dead Sea area. On Saturday we visited Masada, which could be quite an orienteering fantasy:

Stage 1: Middle distance in the hills below the mountain – the picture says it all.


Stage 2: Go up the mountain by cable car (you can do it on foot as well, but it’s 350m climb), and enjoy a Sprint through the ruins. Most of the area is not out of bounds, and there are quite a few small mazes.


There’s not much chance of all this happening, of course. Basically, it’s in the middle of nowhere, which means that getting there is a long drive by our standards (2+ hours). But the main problem is that the site is maintained by our Nature and Parks Authority, and their attitude to orienteering in general ranges from dislike to obstructionism. I’m not sure about the hills below – they don’t appear as a nature reserve on the map that I checked, but I suspect that they are treated as such and we could have problems.

If it’s not just a fantasy, it’s going to be fun, and I’m sure a lot of people will come. I’d be happy to make the maps myself, but let’s overcome the other obstacles first.

And another point: the race in the hills below Masada would be the lowest ever orienteering event (in the world) – 300-350m below sea level.

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