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Saturday’s national event at Ma’agarey Menashe was held in sand dunes on a sunny 24 degrees day – summer conditions anywhere in Europe, but about standard for this winter in Israel. It’s great terrain, especially when used properly, and the race was fun even though I was really tired towards the end. I finished the 8,370m H35 course in 1:11:57, good enough for 3rd place and with only a couple of small mistakes (3 and 8).

I’m really pleased with myself for keeping my level of fitness over the last couple of months, and not letting my weight creep back up too much. Since I started working full-time again I’ve also been teaching twice a week in the evening, so I’ve had only one day of running training a week (the other two days out of five my daughter Ayala is with me, so I usually don’t run), plus weekends. Next week I finish the course and I’ll be able to get back to my regular 2-3 running sessions on weekdays. My original plan was to drop down to H40 for the Israeli Championship (7-8th March), but the way I feel now I’ll stay in H35.

20140125 Maagarey Menashe_Route

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