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Yesterday’s race at HaMalachim forest was long, fast, and demoralising. Last season I had a perfect run here, and this time I was much fitter and expected to do better, but even though I ran faster and had no physical problems I finished with a slower pace (9.9km in 1:19:57) and only 7th in H35.

Why? According to the statistics (LapCombat), my mistake percentage is lower than that of most of my competitors, even though I lost time on the long leg by deciding to challenge my legs and climb all the hills (great as training for my next results, but not for this one), and with a parallel error on control 16 and then simply not seeing it. My theory is that on the fast maps there’s nothing to slow down all the other guys, mostly 5-10 years younger than me, and even though I’m fitter compared to myself their running speed is dominant. On the slower or more intricate maps I slow down less than the others, and I can get better results.

Next up: the Israeli Championship in 3 weeks time, on my type of terrain. My goal – a podium place in H35. Chances of success – under 50%. I’ll be in Singapore on business until two days before the championship, and hopefully I’ll have time for some good running training there.

My route

My route

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  1. How did you attack 21?

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