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Over the past week I’ve used two very different types of competition as training.

Last Saturday there was a local event at Kfar HaHoresh, near home (so near that we went with two cars). The event was a free order race, in which you had to collect all controls in any order, but I asked for the map before starting and planned a classic type course for myself and Itay Manor, whom I’m coaching. We were disqualified anyway, as the course skipped two of the controls. The weather was fantastic, the forest beatiful, and even though it was tough it reminded me why I love orienteering. This is the movie:

The course was 7150m, with 325m climb, and I finished in 1:06:46.

That same night I flew off to Singapore on a business trip, and I’m still here, blogging from the hotel. I did some treadmill runs and morning jogs, and then this morning I participated in a 10km road race . I was hoping to run under 43 minutes, and I finished in a net time of 41:44 by my watch. I think there may have been some misunderstanding at a U-turn just after 8 km, so if my result turns up as disqualified my real time is about 30 seconds slower, but it’s still better than I expected and was very good training.

Now I’ll taper off and prepare for the Israeli Championships on Friday and Saturday, knowing that I’m in good shape physically… which, as we all know, is not enough.

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