Clearing-Hopping in Odem Forest   Leave a comment

Saturday’s national event was in Odem Forest, and the first time I had an opportunity to run competitively and fast there – previously I had organised all the races but one, in which I was unfit and not feeling well.

My preferred technique here is clearing-hopping, which means running from clearing to clearing along a more-or-less straight line. The clearings are mostly much faster than the forest, which is where all the stones have been piled up over the ages, and also easy to recognise (until you lose contact). I made the map, so I had no problem understanding it and made no mistakes. I finished the 5.3 km course in 39:16.

Noam Ravid, who won the H35 category, says he prefers a totally straight line route in this terrain. He beat me by 3 minutes, but then that’s what he usually does, so I’m not sure he’s right. I tried to compare our splits, but the only interesting information I could find is that Noam runs much faster than me downhill and a bit slower than me uphill: I beat him to controls 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 and 18. My downhill running isn’t going to improve unless I somehow get a replacement right ankle.

This was the last national event of the season, and I finished 6th in the rankings in H35. I’m keeping up my training pending a decision on where to travel in the summer, and I intend to stay in the category next season as well, but that depends on how a new baby will affect my fitness. Roni is in week 35, and she has to start training again as well in a couple of months…


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