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My third child was born last week, exactly on the expected date. Both mother and son are home and well, and we’re getting used to the new addition to the family. His name is Matan, and hopefully he’ll be as bright and active as his brother but also as well-behaved and artistic as his sister.


There’s not much happening on the orienteering side. High summer is here, and it’s too hot for any races. The last local event was a week before Matan’s birth, and Roni actually finished the short course!

I’ll be travelling abroad to compete in a multi-day event for the first time since 2008 (I think) – all my trips since then have been as a national team coach or combined with other reasons for travel (business, honeymoon). This summer I’ll be participating in the Lakes 5 days, which is held every 4 years in the Lake District in Britain. I took part in the first four editions of the event, from 1994, but had to skip 2010 when I chose to travel as coach to JWOC instead, and this year the timing is right and Roni gave me permission to go. I’m training hard for it, as the Lake District is always very physical, and intending to get a good result but also enjoy myself. After I get back, we’ll switch focus from myself to Roni and get her back in shape for next season…

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