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There’s a sport in Britain called Fell Running. Today’s race at Swindale was Fell Swimming – totally open fells, gale force winds, drizzling to pouring rain, and lots of waterlogged marshes.

I’m fit, but I haven’t run on such terrain for 8 years and I felt it. Controls 1 and 2 were OK, then I turned south-west and the wind stopped me in my tracks. Running into it was tough, running into it uphill in a marsh was impossible. Luckily, at intervals it would die down a bit, and of course half of the course was in the other direction.

The marshes were runnable in patches, hard work in others, and occasionally I would suddenly go waist-deep and have to wade out. Many of the short red parts of my route are from that.

Aside from all my complaining, I had a good race, with only one small miss at control 5, and finished the 8.4km course in 1:14:53. Most controls could be run almost straight, and many of the curves in my route are in order to keep to the dryer ground. My printout says I was 7th out of 27 when I finished, and there aren’t any results on the internet yet.


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