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At Simpson Ground today I made the same mistake twice, which shouldn’t happen to me and is probably a symptom of a lack of orienteering in this type of terrain (forest with interesting contours and marshes). That’s not an excuse, just a fact.

In both cases, I subconsciously thought “marsh = open”, and therefore misread the map. To control 3, I was expecting to see the marsh on my right and cross it, but I was thinking of an open marsh so I just continued until I knew I had lost contact, found the track and corrected myself. To control 7 I was going up the correct marsh but the shape didn’t fit (because it continued into the forest and I ignored it), so I “corrected” myself to the west, understood what had happened, and came back. Those mistakes cost me at least 5 minutes together, giving a result of 53:00 over 3.9km when I should have finished under 50 minutes and maybe around 47.

The forest in general was OK, but there were lots of fallen trees affecting runnability. The open areas were terrible and the marshes quite slow. Yesterday I finished 15th, but I’ll be lucky to get into the top 20 today (no results yet).

My GPS track is too squiggly to be useful, so my route is drawn below. I ran with a headcam, but the wifi here is too slow to upload any videos so I’ll publish the movie next week.

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