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The mountain stages of the Lakes 5 Days are always the most fun, even though they can be really physical. Yesterday was no exception: the climb up to the start at Pike O’Blisco was exhausting (and we went nowhere near the peak), and then the orienteering was as technical as it can be in such open terrain (not a tree in sight), without too much agony on the climbs. I ran well with few mistakes, notably missing control 6, but I was surprised at how slow it came out, over 10 minutes/km – 65:18 for 6.3km, and 19th place. I’m not disappointed – a year ago I wouldn’t even have been able to finish.
Unfortunately, something happened to my left ankle. I didn’t do anything to it in the terrain, but a few minutes after getting back to the hostel it started hurting and swelling up, and soon I was unable even to tread on it. Today, after some ice, pain reliever, and lots of lying down, I can limp slowly around – but driving to the last day of the orienteering would have been stupid and I stayed put.
I was 15th overall after 4 days, but I’ll probably drop down the rankings as everyone gets their worst result ignored. Maybe I’ll stay in the top 20, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s been a wonderful week, despite totally losing one day, and I’ll definitely be back.


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