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The first national event of this season was at Tel Hadid – the site of last year’s national championship. Having decided to run H40 this year, I was back in training from my ankle injury for less than two weeks, and went through the course at cruising speed. Towards the end I started getting tired, and a couple of climbs reduced me to walking, but mostly I managed to run and orienteer very smoothly (thanks also to the very good map) and I won the category by a small margin.

The next event is at Elyakim, where I just finished drawing the map, but I’ll be away on a business trip in any case. So my next race is in a month, and by then I should be fully fit again. based on this result my goal this season should be to win H40 in every race, but if I manage to train properly I’ll probably feel tempted to try H35 again. I don’t really feel a need to win anything, so the longer the course, the better, as long as I’m comfortable with it physically.

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I haven’t blogged for a while, but I’m still here. We’ve started the (Jewish) new year, and today was the Day of Atonement, when we fast and atone for all our sins. Now we can get going again.

After my trip to the Lakes I rested, and my ankle problem went away. Then I started running and it came back. I think I have an inflammation in a tendon, and the doctor agrees, so with the assistance of a few pills it should go away for good very shortly, but I’m not training properly yet. The orienteering season here has started, slowly (it’s still hot on most days), and the first national event is a couple of weeks away, so I won’t be fully fit yet.

My priorities are changing as well. Now I have to devote more time to the children (did you know that 3 > 2 ?), Roni’s maternity leave is over and she’s back at work, and we have various family issues taking up more of our time, so there is less spare time for orienteering. But orienteering is my life and I’m not going anywhere, just cutting back on non-essential activities. I’ll probably do much less mapping now, and go to less local events, and I will definitely train less – unlike last year, Roni can run as well and usually we can’t go out together! It’s going to be like this for a few years – until Alon (hopefully) is big enough to start orienteering for himself, not just running around in the woods for fun.

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