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The first national event of this season was at Tel Hadid – the site of last year’s national championship. Having decided to run H40 this year, I was back in training from my ankle injury for less than two weeks, and went through the course at cruising speed. Towards the end I started getting tired, and a couple of climbs reduced me to walking, but mostly I managed to run and orienteer very smoothly (thanks also to the very good map) and I won the category by a small margin.

The next event is at Elyakim, where I just finished drawing the map, but I’ll be away on a business trip in any case. So my next race is in a month, and by then I should be fully fit again. based on this result my goal this season should be to win H40 in every race, but if I manage to train properly I’ll probably feel tempted to try H35 again. I don’t really feel a need to win anything, so the longer the course, the better, as long as I’m comfortable with it physically.

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