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The 2014-5 orienteering season started over 3 months ago, and I have participated to date in exactly… 3 orienteering races.

I knew from the beginning that this wasn’t going to be my season – a new baby, a demanding job, remodeling the kitchen… I’m trying to keep fit and the situation will probably improve over the next few weeks, when I finish teaching Microsoft courses in the evenings. My aim now is to enjoy as many races as I can, and win the Israeli Championship in H40.

On Saturday I missed a day of a major championship for the first time ever (excluding those that I organised), when we decided to give priority to Alon (now 3.5 years old) and his activities. I did run the first day of the Winter Cup on Friday at Taoz, and finished second in H40, 3 minutes down on my great rival Omer Noiman. Some of that gap can be attributed to fitness – I was running quite well, but felt the lack of anaerobic training – but most was due to sloppy orienteering, mainly over the first half of the course, and to my deteriorating eyesight. I’ve started using reading glasses and I can’t really read the map in close-up any more, and haven’t yet adjusted my technique to this. I still feel quite confident that I can compete for the championship in a couple of months time!

My route is below: 6.4 km in 1:05:52. The GPS lost touch for a few minutes between 2 and 4, and my significant mistakes were at 2, 5 and 6, though there were a few other small misses. It’s probably not a bad result taking into account my lack of practice, and the fact that I knew I wasn’t competing on the second day definitely had some effect.


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  1. Have you considered taking the eastern route to 3, via the main trail? Almost no climb at all. To me it seems better than your actual route choice.

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