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Once in a while I manage to get out and do some orienteering…

Last Saturday we took the children with us to the national event at Ruchama, hoping it wouldn’t start raining before we finished. I ran first and stayed dry, but Roni had to finish in a downpour and found us cowering in the club tent. It’s been raining more or less since then, so no training, but yesterday I finished teaching evening courses twice a week so I hope to get back on track from next week.

The race was on a remapped part of Ruchama – the original map was made in 1996 and covered almost 20 km², and this is the fastest part of the area, now in 1:7500. It’s on the north edge of the Negev desert – fast open forest with lots of erosion gullies, and judging by the results could have been the fastest ever race in Israel. The orienteering was really easy due to the quality of the map and the extreme runnability (and visibility), so the only constraint was running speed. I managed to win H40 in 44:32 for the 7.1 km course (that’s 6:16 min/km – winning pace for H21A was 4:47), but mainly because my main rival in the category (Omer Noiman) skipped the event. We’re going to have a good battle for the ranking and the Israeli Championship during the rest of the season.

My route is below, and the video is here.


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  1. Hi Dan,

    maybe you remember, I was one of the Hungarian mappers who made the Ruchama map in 1996. Can I ask your e-mail address?


    Tibor Erdélyi

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