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On Saturday we had a national event on the map I made last year of Shimshit. The unwritten rule here is that the mapper can not run competitively in the first race on a new map, but there’s no problem afterwards. I started very early, so I could take care of the kids later on while Roni was running, and now that I think about it I was alone at all the controls but one, which was fun even though it doesn’t help the final result.

The course setters did a good job of choosing tricky controls – distinct features, but difficult to attack in the terrain. However, they used 5 controls from last year’s race in my course alone (which means that I had been at each of them at least three times previously: mapping, course setting, and placing controls), and also left some very prominent yellow marking streamers, which could usually be seen before the control flag. I still had a couple of small misses (3, 4) and a larger one at 13, where I missed part of the control description that was printed on the map.

I enjoyed running on my map – I really tried to actually read it and trust my mapping, and not orienteer by memory. I won H40 handily with 60:07 for the 6.4 km course, and the next race is the Israeli Championship, which is also the Mediterranean Championships this year and will include more foreign orienteers than usual.

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