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Saturday’s national event at Tal-El was my first orienteering for 3 weeks, since the Israeli championship, and this is the peak of our season. We’re busy with the children, and we can’t bring them with us in bad weather, so luckily this was a nice day and we could get out and run at last.

This was my second race on this map, a re-map of my original map from 2004, and I still didn’t feel comfortable with it – especially with some of the rocky features. I lost time on four of the first five controls, in the thicker forest, but then it opened up a bit and my orienteering became smoother. I won H40 again, with 1:05:00 for the 7 km course – good, but not great. My focus is now on the Rogaine in two weeks, and I’m trying to put in some long runs as preparation: on Friday I ran 21km ¬†on tracks (but in flat terrain), which will probably be my longest session. Roni and I will be participating together in the 8-hour course, which is the longest this year, and aiming to enjoy ourselves (the training is so that it will hurt less!).

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