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My season ended last weekend (more or less) with two national events. On Friday there was a postponed race from November at Bar’am, and on Saturday my club organised the last ranking race at Honi HaMe’agel, where I planned the Israeli Championship a couple of years ago, but this time without my help.

Before that I had a month without orienteering. Our Rogaine was cancelled due to hot weather, and otherwise we were busy with the children and various holidays. I managed to keep training properly, but there were no real goals after the rogaine and I still haven’t got any – which doesn’t mean I’ll stop training.

I won both races in H40, and the yearly ranking, mainly because my main rival Omer Noiman went AWOL for the last three races. Interestingly, on Friday I had a big miss at control 5 (around 4-5 minutes) and won by a big margin, while on Saturday I had fewer mistakes and won by only a minute. Both areas were very steep and tough physically, but the courses were good. I think the semi-open area on Friday (controls 2-7) was alright in November, but in this season the grass was too high and borderline dangerous because of snakes.

I’m losing interest in the ranking here, which drives you to participate in at least 7 of 11 national events. I’ve won it too many times, and it doesn’t mean anything any more. It isn’t even about competing with your age group: I’m 47 next week and running H40, because H45 is too short and there’s no competition there. Why? Because the top four orienteers in H40 are aged 46, 49, 45 and 55, while the top four in H35 are 38, 46, 42 and 40. Something is wrong with our system, and it needs a thorough overhaul, but I don’t have a solution in mind.

20150417_Baram_Route 20150418_HoniHaMeagel_Route

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  1. מ-10 ל-11 בברעם, לא יותר טוב מימין?

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