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Stuff that happened to me this summer:

  • I equalled my record (set in 2009) of 98 consecutive days with no orienteering (events or training).
  • It got so hot, for a while, that I couldn’t even go out to run. That’s 35°C at night!
  • I was off work (and sports) sick with back pains for a week, and a headache (apparently not a migraine) for a few more days.
  • My work description became more dynamic, meaning that my schedule is more flexible but also making it difficult to plan ahead. In the near future it means more days working from home, which will be great. I also started working with Tableau, which is a great software tool. Check this out: Tableau Public
  • The kids are doing great, but their vacation time is hard on their parents. Matan (1 year 2 months old) started walking this week.

Orienteering stuff:

  • I followed all the international championships on the internet. The highlight was the WOC Long Final. I didn’t care much for the sprints…
  • I put in a few more days of work on my map of Odem Forest, to expand it to the east.
  • I’ve given up my position as Chairman of Galilee O-Club, after 23 years. I simply can’t invest enough effort in it, mainly because of family commitments (two small children). Jana Samarin replaced me and I’m sure she’ll do a great job.
  • Last Saturday there was a training event in the old town of Acre. As expected (tall buildings, narrow alleyways) my GPS track went crazy, so the manually drawn route is below (blue to control 10, purple afterwards). I wasn’t really racing, just jogging fast, and the course (officially 4 km) took me 29:19.
  • Soon it will start to get cooler and we’ll go out into the forest. I intend to enjoy this season, and I have no competitive aspirations at all – meaning that I’ll keep training because I like to be fit and fast, and I’ll run those events that I expect to enjoy.


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