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I’ve been slowly consolidating my fitness in preparation for next week’s Rogaine (the saga around that will be told later), so at Saturday’s national event at Tal-El I was in good form and it was probably my best result of the season – 4th in H35 and closest to the leaders in H21A. The course wasn’t very challenging but there were some tricky controls: I think the map includes some features that definitely wouldn’t have been mapped (or even found) in pre-Lidar days. Roni ran before me, so I was thoroughly warmed up when I started from wandering around with two toddlers, but my aim wasn’t to push hard but to cruise through the course at a steady pace, and that’s how I felt. I finished 7.9 km in 71:23 and really enjoyed the journey.

My route from 2 to 3 could be a candidate for the “conundrum” section in CompassSport: my passage through the fenced and out-of-bounds area is accurate on the map below, because the out-of-bounds is actually split into two separate fenced sections in the terrain and there is a clear passage between them. Bad mapping? I don’t think so, because I made the previous map of this area and they were definitely connected back then, so maybe there have been changes. Obviously now I can be disqualified, if anyone cares (I don’t, and I knew I should go around), but it raises an issue that occurs more often in sprint events – what do you do when an out-of-bounds area on the map simply disappears?

This is nearly the end of my competitive season – the remaining national events are the relay (hopefully I’ll run) and a sprint race (probably not – waste of time). But I intend to keep on training, work on a few small projects, and think about some goals for the future.


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