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I haven’t blogged for half a year, but I’m still here and orienteering. The summer was long and mostly O-less, but our new year has just arrived and I’m gearing up to face all the new challenges and get out into the forest as much as possible.


The greatest new challenge: Yael, my fourth child and second daughter, now 3 months old. Note that I now have a full mixed relay team, but that doesn’t make getting to the events any easier.

I’m also feeling my age (48, for those of you who’ve stopped counting). I took a really long break from training at the beginning of summer, because I felt my body needed it, and I’m trying out some new training methods for my running. At the moment everything looks good, but I still haven’t decided if I’ll compete this season in H45 (probably not – too short), H40 (where I’ll be competitive), or H35 (the most fun, but no chance of a podium).

Work is a challenge as well. Over the past year I’ve phased out gradually from a fixed position at one customer to consulting for multiple customers, some far away and some from home (though I’m still working for the same company). This means my schedule is different every week and can include lots of travelling. Roni’s schedule will also be a mess, though easier, once she finishes maternity leave in a few weeks: she’s finishing her studies as a maths teacher, starting to teach, and still two days a week at her old job. She’s also back running and cycling for her health (and fitness, very soon), and that has to fit in with my training as well.

I’ve made a few new year’s resolutions, and one of them is to stop neglecting my blog, so there will be lots of updates coming up. Next: a brief summary of the last 6 months.


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  1. Sorry I could not resist….
    I have read your posts for years, and i really enjoy them… is good to hear from you again.
    As an -inactive sometimes active- orienteer I wish you a successful new season and congratulations for your new born child.

    Lehel Fenyoe

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